Saudi-backed forces advance on separatist positions in Abyan

Saudi-backed forces advance on separatist positions in Abyan

Saudi-deployed Al-Amaliqa Brigades mercenary forces  in Abyan have on Saturday countered an attempt by the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) to reinforce its militias in Lawdar.

According to local sources, large reinforcements of the STC tried to advance towards the first point of the Al-Amaliqa forces in the Sheikh Salem area on the outskirts of Zanjibar, but the militias prevented them from crossing towards Lawdar.

Moreover, the STC has pushed large reinforcements from Aden, including Emirati military equipment that arrived in Zanjibar at dawn, in conjunction with the loss of the directorate of Lauder .

The STC is reportedly seeking reinforcements to prevent the storming of a Security Belt mercenary camp that is being besieged by Hadi’s forces early this morning, as the Council’s last stronghold in the directorate.

Earlier on Friday, Saudi Arabia issued a statement against the STC, which was seen as a green light for Hadi’s forces to attack the STC’s main strongholds.

Saudi Arabia, which has stressed the need for a return to Riyadh Agreement negotiations, is trying to put pressure the STC, which has suspended its participation in the new round of negotiations.