Yemen Petroleum Company: UN is an umbrella for maritime piracy operations on fuel ships

Yemen Petroleum Company: UN is an umbrella for maritime piracy operations on fuel ships

The employees of Yemen Petroleum Company organized a protest in front of the United Nations office in Sana’a, to denounce the maritime piracy of the US-Saudi coalition on fuel tankers under a UN cover.

The participants in the protest titled  “The United Nations is the umbrella of international piracy”, stressed that the United Nations has become an umbrella for international piracy and a key partner for the aggression in seizing fuel tankers, which doubled the suffering of the Yemeni people.

They denounced the international silence and the complicity of the international community and UN bodies and organizations with the forces of aggression in preventing the entry of the fuel tankers to the port of Hodeidah despite obtaining UN permits.

They pointed out that the concerned UN organizations with humanitarian affairs continue to shirk their responsibilities while exploiting the suffering of the Yemeni people to attract and achieve financial funds from the aid provided by donors.

The employees affirmed their continued protesting until the release of all tankers and the stop of piracy on fuel tankers.

In a statement, they held the US-Saudi aggression and the United Nations responsible for the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Yemen as a result of the continued refusal to allow fuel tankers, which has damaged consequences to various service and vital sectors.

The statement confirmed that the forces of the US-Saudi aggression coalition are still holding four fuel tankers, including a ship loaded with diesel, a ship loaded with gas, and two petrol and diesel ships with a quantity of (59,966) tons for more than seven months.