Italian activists express their support to Axis of Resistance

Italian activists express their support to Axis of Resistance

On Friday, a group of activists in the city of Cesena held a conference discussing the Situation in the Middle east.

The conference was organized by the Italian movement “Defendi Cesena”, titled “Middle East: national identities against globalism”.

The speakers were Hanieh Tarkian, professor of Islamic Studies and geopolitical analyst, and Saverio Di Giulio, volunteer of Sol.Id Onlus.

Hanieh Tarkian explained how the sovereign nations of this important geographical area – Iranians and Yemenis in particular – are struggling against both US-based progressivism and extremist obscurantism coming from Saudi Arabia and people from Europe should support them.

Saverio Di Giulio, responsible for the “Solidarity Tourism – Syria” project, on the other hand, focused on the situation in Syria, after more than a decade of aggression of terrorist groups, sustained by the West, against the Syrian people.

Although hostilities in the main cities have stopped for over two years, the US and the EU continue to impose sanctions that harass the legitimate government and starve the local people, who, however, do not intend to abandon their land, this is the case of Yemenis as well.

The participants in the conference voiced their support to the Axis of Resistance. They confirmed that the Axis of Resistance is becoming stronger in the face of the US plans and conspiracies that will definitely fail.
They condemned the US and western polices and hypocrisy in the Middle East in general.