At least three dead in Shabwah infighting

At least three dead in Shabwah infighting

Local media on Thursday revealed details of the bloody infighting between factions affiliated with the Islah party in the center of Ataq, the capital of Yemen’s southern Shabwah province.

The city of Ataq has witnessed armed clashes between elements of the so-called Special Forces and the Security Forces, which left three member of the Special Forces dead and five others wounded.

According to Al-Omana Net, the three dead came from Bayhan, and their bodies were taken to the mortuary at Afia Hospital in the city of Ataq.

Special sources revealed that Abed Rabbo Laka’ab , the commander of the Special Forces in Shabwah, ordered the arrest of the Director of Security, Awad al-Dahbol, following clashes that broke out early Thursday.

The website Crater Sky pointed out that the reason for the clashes in the city of Ataq came against the background of security police at the checkpoint in the area of Nisab intercepting the car of Abu Hussein Al-Madhab al-Bayhani, an officer in the Special Forces in Shabwah.

The site added: “the commander resented it, so he mobilised the Special Forces and came back to the police checkpoint and asked its members to leave the place. However they refused and clashes broke out.”