Saudi-led invaders steal up to four million barrels of Yemeni oil per month

Saudi-led invaders steal up to four million barrels of Yemeni oil per month

The Executive Director of the Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC), Ammar Al-Adhrai has confirmed that the US-Saudi aggression is now looting three to four million barrels of Yemeni oil every single month.

“We do not know where the fuel’s revenues are deposited,” Al-Adhrai told Al-Masirah News on Friday.

“The US-Saudi aggression is still holding four ships across from the port of Jizan, including two petrol ships meant for public consumption, a diesel ship for Hodeidah factories and electricity, and a gas ship,” Al-Adhrai added.

Al-Adhrai also confirmed that two detained gasoline ships had been held for 431days, with fines amounting to 8,620,000 dollars.

He pointed out that the looting of crude oil and liquefied gas by the US-Saudi aggression is what prevents the payment of salaries to Yemeni citizens.

The aggression’s continued piracy against fuel ships is causing great losses to Yemenis, as the direct and indirect losses are reported to potentially exceed 20 billion dollars.

Moreover, several sources confirmed that the coalition aggression has brought in huge exploration equipment to deepen the oil wells, in order to raise the rate of oil extraction and increase the frequency of their looting and theft.

The sources explained that the aggression explored new oil wells in the area of Al-Khasha, with the aim of draining oil resources.

Additionally, hundreds of locomotives have been transporting large quantities of oil produced from the area of Al-Khasha, estimated at 40,000 barrels per day, to the port of Bir Ali in Shabwah province, which is under control of Islah Party militants.

These quantities are then unloaded at the port, which has been turned into a corridor for smuggling and looting crude oil.

The sources pointed out that the financial returns are shared between mercenaries and the coalition aggression, and also with the Canadian company Cal Valley, the producer of Sector 9.

The sources state that the intense conflict between the Islah militias and the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias in Shabwah province is caused by conflict over the ports used for petroleum smuggling.