Thousands of patients in imminent danger as hospital in Hodeidah in danger of complete shutdown

Thousands of patients in imminent danger as hospital in Hodeidah in danger of complete shutdown

The head of the Al-Thawra General Hospital Authority in Hodeidah, Dr. Khaled Suhail, warned that some departments of the hospital will completely shut down in the event of a power outage.

Dr. Khaled Suhail pointed out that the obstetrics, pediatrics and burn unit centers, as well as the and the National Blood Center in the hospital are threatened to stop functioning completely if power were to go down.

“Al-Thawra General Hospital in Hodeidah receives approximately 2,000 cases daily, and is the only hospital left in Yemen that works in two shifts,” Dr. Suhail said.

“We have 30 incubators in the center, and if the electricity goes out for only 10 minutes, this will lead to the inevitable death of 30 children,” he said, pointing out that pediatric, general, heart and medium care centers all need electricity around the clock because they contain respirators that are linked to the very lives of patients.

“We are working in Al-Thawra Hospital in a state of concern, because of the aggression’s detention of the ships specialised for supplying power to the city of Hodeidah, which is now barely functioning 6 hours a day,” he expressed with worry.

Currently, the hospital’s generators are already used for back-up power for over 18 hours a day, which causes them to be overloaded. As a result, power is expected to completely halt at any moment.

Doctor Suhail pointed out that UNICEF had withdrawn from supporting the hospital, even ending support to the children’s care unit.

Moreover, Dr. Suhail pointed out that the World Health Organisation’s support for Al-Thawra General Hospital in Hodeidah has been reduced to only 20% of the normal aid.

“We are facing problems in providing medicines, due to the blockade by the US-Saudi aggressors, and there are many medical devices that we cannot import because of this blockade,” he noted.

Furthermore, the head of the hospital explained that there has been a serious increase in disease cases. Dr. Suhail explained that the hospital used to receive two cases of congenital malformation a year, but nowadays such cases are occurring every single week. Dr. Khaled Suhail concluded by stating this fact confirms that the Saudi-led aggressors are using prohibited weapons in their war on Yemen that cause such terrible results.

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