Saudi propaganda and misinformation campaign targets Ansarullah powerbase

Saudi propaganda and misinformation campaign targets Ansarullah powerbase

Minister of Information, Dhaifullah al-Shami, has no revealed that there is a strategic study and secret plan being carried out by the Saudi-led coalition to dismantle the Yemeni people’s support around resistance movement Ansarullah.

Al-Shami said on Facebook, “The enemy is working hard to break the Yemeni steadfastness and transform the failure of its aggression and its collaboration, to target the Yemeni society.”

Al-Shami pointed out that the most important strategy pursued by the enemy is a highly secretive one under the title “Overthrow Ansarullah from within, in which the study identified five targeted categories: the people, Ansarullah bases, individual citizens, fighters, and the political and military decision-makers.

The Minister mentioned a number of goals that this strategy seeks to achieve, including destroying the Yemeni people’s trust in Ansarullah

“The enemy’s strategy also aims to break Ansarullah’s morale, plant desperation and defeatism among them through various media and activities, and encourage citizens to resist and get rid of the movement, in addition to sowing discontent among the fighters with the goal of making them leavs the front.”

Regarding the media activity included in the enemy’s strategy, the Minister said that it included 22 activities, targeting the movement in the internal front, striking its cohesion and sowing doubt and mistrust among its parties.

He pointed out that the most prominent propaganda that the media campaign of the enemy will promote is making and spreading the claim that Ansarullah has ties to terrorist groups abroad, and to al-Qaeda and ISIS in Yemen. This despite the fact that al-Qaeda and ISIS have both been backed by Saudi Arabia for years as allies in the war against Ansarullah and the National Salvation Government.

Al-Shami stressed the importance of knowing the enemy’s orientation and working to thwart its plots targeting the Yemeni people and its internal fronts.