Customs office in occupied Aden halves the value of Yemeni currency exchange rate

Customs office in occupied Aden halves the value of Yemeni currency exchange rate

The General Federation of Yemeni Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and the Chamber of Commerce in the Capital Sana’a have both on Wednesday denounced Aden Customs’ decision to raise the customs dollar price to 500 riyals per US dollar, after it had been 250 riyals for seven years.

The Federation and the Chamber, in a joint statement, expressed their rejection of this decision, which will harm the national economy and people’s livelihood.

They affirmed that, out of national responsibility and in solidarity with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Aden, they reject this decision, “which will directly lead to starvation among citizens, and will severely harm both the movement of internal trade and the supply of goods to all provinces.”

“In light of the current living conditions, the collapse of the national currency, the weakness of citizens’ incomes and the increase in poverty rates, this decision will lead to disruptions in food supply chains and will destabilise the security of society with the spread of hunger among citizens,” the statement explained.

The statement warned of the consequences of this decision, calling on “the customs authorities in Sana’a not to be drawn into any similar decision.”

In their statement, the Federation and the Chamber appealed to the United Nations, international economic organisations and donors, as well as to brotherly and friendly countries to intervene and pressure the Aden office to cancel this decision urgently and without delay.