Pro-Saudi military commander killed in Ma’rib

Pro-Saudi military commander killed in Ma’rib

A high-ranking military commander loyal to Saudi-led coalition forces was killed in Ma’rib province. This was reported by Yemen  Press Agency, based on tribal sources on Saturday.

According to the sources, Brigadier General “Abad Ahmed al-Halisi,” chief of staff of the 143rd Brigade, was killed along with a number of his escorts as a result of the explosion of an explosive device targeting his convoy on the outskirts of Rahba district, south of Ma’rib.

Fierce fighting has been raging over the past few hours between Hadi’s government forces and Yemeni army forces in the Murad front and other areas adjacent to al-Balaq area west of Ma’rib, amid reports that Hadi’s forces have retreated and lost large areas.

Yemeni army forces are making significant progress on most fronts in  Ma’rib, in which they are close to penetrating Hadi’s last defensive lines and breaking into the oil-rich city.

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