Eight citizens abducted by Saudi-backed forces in Taiz

Eight citizens abducted by Saudi-backed forces in Taiz

At least eight citizens were kidnapped on Wednesday by the Saudi-backed Islah militants in Salh area of Taiz city, local source said.

The sources confirmed that the gunmen on a military vehicle from 22 Meca Brigade, led by the leader, Ezzedine Al-Mikhlafi, stormed on Tuesday evening several houses in the area, arresting 8 people and taking them to one of the brigade’s detention centers.

On the other hand, a powerful explosion hit a house of one of senior leaders loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in the same city.

The sources affirmed that two explosive devices were planted by unknown persons, exploded in the house of the leader in the General People’s Congress, Abdelilah Al-Qadi, in the city.

The sources noted that the motives for the attack has not yet known, but observers said that the bombings came within the framework of mutual liquidations among the coalition factions.

The coalition-held Taiz city  has been  witnessing the operations of assassinations and kidnappings, an additional to security anarchy among the Saudi-UAE-backed armed groups.