Yemen condemns Saudi propaganda against Yemen in TV series

Yemen condemns Saudi propaganda against Yemen in TV series

Spokesman of the National Salvation Government and Minister of Information Daifullah Al-Shami has denounced the low level reached by Saudi propaganda, which was expressed by a series.

According to Al-Shami, the Saudi series Rashash series has abused Yemeni women who preserve their faith identity and the authentic customs and traditions of Yemeni society.

The government spokesman said in a statement on Wednesday that the series, which was broadcast by the Saudi MBC channel, included insulting Yemenis and provoking their feelings, expressing the state of the moral and ethical fall and the cultural and religious bankruptcy of the Saudi regime, which allows the production and broadcast of such low and abusive acts.

He pointed out that this series comes within the framework of a comprehensive war of the US-Saudi aggression against the Yemeni people, targeting their faith identity and their long history.

Minister Al-Shami stressed that such targeting will not affect the identity of the Yemeni people, which “will remain a fortress in the face of Western and foreign cultures.”

Minister Al-Shani praised activists and intellectuals condemning the new series on a wide level in the region, saying that their resistance “confirms the existence of an awakening in the face of destructive ideas on Arab societies,” and stressing that the drama is “a reflection of the prevailing situation in the state regime that allows its broadcast.”