Zionists continue to bomb southern Lebanon

Zionists continue to bomb southern Lebanon

Zionist occupation aircraft have bombed targets in southern Lebanon late Wednesday night, local Lebanese media reported.

Lebanese newspaper Al-Nahar reported that Israeli warplanes “targeted a forest area in the outskirts of the town of Aishiya, in southern Lebanon, with surface-to-surface missiles.”

“Israeli enemy aircraft carried out two airstrikes targeting al-Qamshqiya area outside the town of Mahmoudiyah in southern Lebanon,” the newspaper quoted Lebanese military media as saying.

Earlier on Wednesday, the Lebanese army also said that the Zionists had bombed several areas in southern Lebanon, leading to a fire in the town of Rashaya Al-fokh.

“The situation is being followed up with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon,” the army added in a statement.

The Israeli attack came “after several rockets were fired from one of the southern areas towards the occupied Palestinian territories,” the statement said.