British forces now also illegally deployed in Yemen

British forces now also illegally deployed in Yemen

According to a British source, a 40-member team of the British Special Air Service (SAS) has arrived in eastern Yemen.

According to the Daily Express, a 40-member team of the British Special Air Service (SAS) had arrived in eastern Yemen to pursue those responsible for the recent attack on Zionist vessel MV Mercer Street in Omani waters.

The British newspaper claimed that the SAS team also includes a specialist electronic warfare unit which can deploy resources to intercept communications chatter.

The unit is tasked with tracking down a group that Britain claims is behind a recent attack on a Mercer Street tanker ship.

London apparently believes that Yemen’s Ansarullah Movement had targeted the Mercer Street tanker, the British source claimed.

Earlier, Great Britain and the United States blamed Iran for the attack, without providing any documentation and proof.

A senior UK military source claimed last night, “Everything points to the drone being launched from Yemen. The concern now is that an extended range drone will give them a new capability.”

The SAS team is operating alongside a US special operations force which was already in the region to help train an elite Saudi commando unit.

The attack on the Zionist vessel happened on July 30, some 152 nautical miles northeast of the Omani port of Duqm.

Tehran has strongly denied the coordinated accusations made by the United States and the United Kingdom in support of the occupying regime of Israel. Iran furthermore said that “the Israeli regime with the help of the UK and the US, are behind dubious incidents with oil tankers off the coasts of Oman and the UAE, in order to put pressure on the newly sworn-in administration in Iran, in line with their malicious plots.”

The British military deployment, just like the prior US one, is illegal under internagonal law, and is taking place without Yemeni permission or UN mandate.

Source: Mehr News Agency