Social media campaign to condemn Saudi siege of Sana’a Airport starts

Social media campaign to condemn Saudi siege of Sana’a Airport starts

Sana’a International Airport has called for wide participation in a campaign on social media meant to convey the voice of Yemenis to the world regarding their suffering as a result of the siege on the airport for the past five years.

The airport posted a message on its Facebook page, saying “In the name of the families of all the patients who urgently need to travel for treatment, so that their fate would not be the same as the fate of tens of thousands of the deceased who needed to travel and were prevented from traveling through Sana’a International Airport, and in the name of all Yemeni expatriates who yearn to return to their families peacefully, we invite everyone to interact and participate in social media at eight o’clock this evening, Monday.”

The airport urged the participants to write their stories and explain their suffering, “to send it to the world and to the international community, to urge them to intervene and look at the forgotten catastrophe that Yemenis are experiencing, as well as to appeal to the political parties to look at this tragedy and to make concessions for the sake of the Yemenis.”

The message stressed that Yemenis have the right to live like other peoples of the world, and the right to exercise their most basic rights.

It mentioned that the hashtag #Sanaa_Airport_Blockade_Death_And_Suffering must be added.

On the night of August 8, 2016, the Saudi Ministry of Defence announced the suspension of flights to and from Sana’a International Airport for a period of 72 hours. However, the period was extended indefinitely, and the airport has not been open to civilian airline traffic since.