Yemeni diplomats present Ma’rib Initiative during peace talks mediated by Oman

Yemeni diplomats present Ma’rib Initiative during peace talks mediated by Oman

The head of Yemen’s national delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam had on Monday affirmed that Leader of the Revolution Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, has presented an Omani diplomatic delegation with “a fair and just initiative that would achieve the conditions for peace.”

“In response to Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi’s request, we presented the Ma’rib Initiative to the Omani delegation during their visit to Sana’a,” Abdulsalam said.

He pointed out that Sayyid al-Houthi “presented a fair and just initiative to the Omani delegation, to be implemented in conjunction with the humanitarian file as a priority,” pointing out that “the initiative takes into account the interests of the people of Ma’rib first and foremost.”

Mohammed Abdulsalam indicated that the initiative was presented with nine points that detail conditions of peace. He added: “We are still open for Omani mediation, which is still making commendable efforts.”

He explained that the initiative stipulates an end to attacks against citizens and a restart of fuel deliveries.

The head of the national delegation stressed the need to create a joint administration from the people of Ma’rib Governorate in order to maintain security and stability, and to expel Al-Qaeda and Daesh elements. The initiative requires commitment to share with other provinces oil and gas and to repair the the Safer – Ras Issa oil pipeline.

Mohammed Abdulsalam noted that the initiative also requires ensuring freedom of movement, the release of all kidnapped people, the compensation of those affected, and tje returning of the internally displaced from Ma’rib.

Abdulsalam reiterated that the humanitarian situation is an urgent priority, and stressed that Yemen “will not start [negotiations] from scratch with any UN Envoy.”