Group of 84 Afghan soldiers flees to Uzbekistan

Group of 84 Afghan soldiers flees to Uzbekistan

A group of 84 Afghan government military forces have crossed the border into Uzbekistan and asked for help, the Uzbek Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

“On August 14, at one of the sections of the state border with Afghanistan, a group of military personnel of the Afghan Armed Forces, a total number of 84 people, crossed the state border line and were detained by Uzbek border guards,” the statement read

“There was no resistance on the part of the group, but they requested medical assistance, which was provided to three wounded.”

According to Tashkent, medical assistance and food were provided to members of the Afghan group, and their temporary residence was organised.

“Uzbek border guards have observed the gathering of Afghan government military personnel in the Afghan part of the Termez-Khayroton bridge. Measures are being taken to provide humanitarian assistance to these persons,” according to the statement.

The Uzbek Foreign Ministry is currently negotiating with Afghanistan on the return of Afghan citizens to their homeland and the settlement of the situation in the area of the Termez-Hairaton bridge, the statement added.