Taliban announces general amnesty for officials of former government

Taliban announces general amnesty for officials of former government

The Taliban has on Tuesday announced a general amnesty for government officials and urged them to return back to work.

“A general amnesty has been declared for all, so you should start your routine life with full confidence,” said a statement from the Taliban, according to AFP.

The Taliban movement, officially called the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, announced the end of the war in Afghanistan yesterday, saying that all checkpoints in Kabul were under their control and stressing their keenness to protect public property as well as the lives and wealth of citizens.

“The staff of diplomatic missions, military bases and civilian administrations can continue their work without concern,” Abdul Salameh Hanafi, deputy head of the Taliban’s Political Bureau in Qatar, said.

He affirmed that “no one’s rights will be infringed. A woman can work if she wears a hijab.”

“The Taliban are trying to prepare a base to form a coalition government and we , the Afghans, will all participate in it. No Afghan should worry about anyone who worked in the previous government. We will serve our country, whether in the civil or military sector, and no one will lose their privileges,” he added.