UN barely offered aid to Yemen, despite having flown on Sana’a over 5,000 times

UN barely offered aid to Yemen, despite having flown on Sana’a over 5,000 times

Sana’a International Airport has received more than 5,000 UN flights since it was forced to close to commercial traffic five years ago, Airport director Khaled al-Shayef said on Saturday .

“Most of the UN flights that landed at the Airport ever since it was closed to civil flights, came for the purposes of UN staff and their families,” Al-Shayef said in a press statement, adding that those UN organisations did not allow the transport of any medical equipment as part of their successive flights to Sana’a International Airport.

Al-Shayef noted that one of the UN organisations even threatened to suspend its activities entirely if the Ministry of Health continued insist on bringing along patients suffering from conditions that can’t be treated in Yemen, on its trips abroad.

He indicated that most UN flights to Sana’a International Airport do not exceed more than a handful of passengers, while its aircraft could easily accommodate dozens.

Khaled al-Shayef noted that “there are UN flights carrying only 10 kilograms worth of aid.”

The revelations reveal a wide discrepancy between UN actions and the horrible humanitarian crisis that has been plaguing Yemen for the past six years. Hundreds of thousands of Yemenis are currently suffering from hunger, epidemic diseases and injuries as a result of the Saudi-led invasion and occupation, while very little is being done by the UN to alleviate their suffering.

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