Zionist forces carry out airstrikes on Gaza

Zionist forces carry out airstrikes on Gaza

Israeli occupation jets have carried out a series of airstrikes on several locations of the Palestinian resistance across the Gaza strip, Quds News Network reported.

Several strikes bombarded locations in central Gaza.

Meanwhile, Israeli drones continued to hover at low altitudes over residential houses.

The Resistance reportedly retaliated, opening fire at Israeli drones to prevent them from bombarding the Strip.

Following the strikes, Zionist Prime Minister Neftali Bennett said “the events in the South are dangerous and we will not accept any infringe upon our sovereignty.”

Bennett’s statement hint at Saturday’s massive protests in Palestine, during which Zionist soldiers opened fire on the protesters.

At least 24 protesters, including one journalist and ten children, were wounded by Israeli snipers, who were stationed behind a wall, separating Gaza from the Zionist-occupied territories.