Two security operations foil takfiri terrorist plans in Bayda

Two security operations foil takfiri terrorist plans in Bayda

Security services in Bayda province have on Monday seized weapons and mines in two separate security operations.

A security source said that the first operation the security forces found a warehouse inside a mosque, which was used for the storage of weapons in the Al-Habj area of Al-Zaher directorate.

He added that the second operation of the Yemeni security forces, they found 104 landmines hidden in the house of one Ahmed Ali al-Hajj al-Barmani, a takfiri leader living in Barman area of the same district.

The security source explained that the two operations were carried out “in cooperation with honourable people from the region, who played the most prominent role in the success of the operations.”

He noted that takfiri elements were preparing to target citizens, the Yemeni army and the Popular Committees, but said that “the vigilance of the security services has prevented them from conducting their plan.”

The security services in Bayda confirmed that “the security and stability of the province is a red line, and they will not be allowed to shake or compromise it, no matter the sacrifices.”

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