Saudi-occupied city of Mukalla plunged in darkness

Saudi-occupied city of Mukalla plunged in darkness

The city of Mukalla in Hadhramaut province has been living  is in complete darkness for the second day in a row, as a result of the procrastination of the pro-Saudi occupation authority in disbursing the dues of the electricity companies.

The people of the city complained of the bad situation and the suffering they are experiencing as a result of the continuous power cuts in light of the high temperatures in the summer season.

They called on the government, which is located in Riyadh, to urgently address the frequent power cuts and find radical solutions to them.

A sources pointed out that interruptions are now threatening the institutions and health facilities in the city, which are on the verge of stopping due to the lack of fuel for electricity.

The occupied governorates are living in tragic conditions as a result of a complete collapse in all sectors, especially services, most notably electricity.