Protests against Saudi-led invasion hit Yemeni province of Abyan

Protests against Saudi-led invasion hit Yemeni province of Abyan

Dozens of citizens have protested on Friday in the Mudiyah district of Abyan province in southern Yemen, demanding the departure of Hadi’s government and of Saudi-led coalition forces from Yemeni islands and ports.

The protesters raised banners demanding the departure of the coalition forces from Yemeni territory and the handing over of economic facilities such as ports and airports.

They also chanted slogans against corruption and the Saudi economic warfare against Yemen, which had led to the deterioration of the Yemeni riyal exchange rate.

The protesters denounced the coalition’s continued salary cuts that have been ongoing for nearly eight months, and vowed to step up action against the coalition’s starvation policy.

They furthermore accused Hadi’s puppet government and the coalition of fueling conflicts between Yemenis, with the goal of plundering the country’s natural resources.

The protesters called on all free people in the southern provinces to protest in order to put an end to the coalition’s actions, and to expose those who carry out these agendas of chaos.