Two young women dead in shocking collective suicide in Taiz

Two young women dead in shocking collective suicide in Taiz

The province of Taiz, in southwester Yemen, has woken up to the shocking news about three young girls committing suicide. The incident has caused widespread reactions among citizens.

Activists on social media said that three girls committed suicide in Al-Ma’afar directorate in Taiz province on Thursday evening.

The activists explained that the three girls committed collective suicide by drinking insecticides used for qat tree cultivation.

Local sources in al-Ma’afar district, south of Taiz, explained that two of them are sisters and the third is their cousin. The three young women were reported to be 20 years of age. Currently, there is no information about the reason behind the women’s decision to commit suicide.

The three girls were taken to a hospital in the area, where two died. The third was taken to a hospital in Taiz, in the hope that she could receive necessary aid, the sources said.

The sources reported differences between the families of the girls and tribal dignitaries , after the family of the two girls asked for the turnover of the bodies for burial. Tribal dignitaries in the area however, have refused to bury the bodies until the facts about the incident have been fully revealed.