Zionists launch series of airstrikes on Gaza Strip

Zionists launch series of airstrikes on Gaza Strip

Local Palestinian sources announced that Israeli fighter jets attacked targets in central and eastern parts of Gaza Strip on Sunday.

Palestinian news sources reported on Sunday morning that Israeli fighter jets launched large-scale attacks on the targets in the central part of the Gaza Strip, Palestinian-based ‘Shahab’ News Agency reported.

Israeli drones also targeted Saladin sites in Gaza Trip, the report added.

Media outlets in Zionist regime wrote that attack on Gaza Strip has been conducted in response to the demonstration of Palestinians at the border of this region with Zionist settlements.

Israeli Radio reported that Zionist military forces bombed targets in the Gaza Strip in response to recent fires fired by incendiary balloons from Gaza Strip.

Fighter jets of Zionist regime launched large-scale attacks against a position belonging to the Palestinian Resistance Front in Bait Hanoun, northeast edge of Gaza Strip.

This is while fighter jets of the Zionist regime on Tuesday morning launched massive and heavy attacks on various areas in Gaza Strip.

Source: Mehr News Agency