Saudi forces violate Hodeidah ceasefire 265 times in one day

Saudi forces violate Hodeidah ceasefire 265 times in one day

At least four civilians were injured on Wednesday as a result of the Saudi-led coalition’s bombing on residential and commercial areas in Hodeidah city, in a dangerous volition of the Sweden agreement in the province.

A security official in the province said that three citizens were wounded when the coalition forces artillery targeted a branch of Thabet Brothers Company in Al-Shuhada neighborhood, and also caused damage to a number of cars and vehicles.

The official indicated that another citizen was seriously wounded by the coalition forces’ fire in Al-Salakhana area in Hodeida city.

On Tuesday  alone, the Saudi-led coalition forces committed 265 violations of the UN-sponsored ceasefire agreement in the province, according to an official in the operation room that monitor the aggression’s violations.

The official affirmed that the breaches included flying of 18 spy aircrafts over Kilo 16, Faza, Jah,  and Jabaliya, areas , as well as over Hays, Tuhayta and Durayhmi districts.

He added that the aggression forces fired 162 artillery shells in 23 violations and fired 217 live bullet rounds on various areas of the province.

Additionally, the coalition forces created several combat fortifications in al-Jabaliya and Faza areas.