Terrorist weapons factories dismantled by Yemeni forces in Bayda

Terrorist weapons factories dismantled by Yemeni forces in Bayda

Security services in Bayda province have carried out a security operation during which they were able to discover a weapon depot and a factory for preparing explosives, both belonging to takfiri terrorist organisations Daesh and al-Qaeda.

Brigadier-General Al-Ajri explained that the security forces raided the house of takfiri element Abdullah Othman al-Humaiqani (also known as Abu Ruqayyah) in the al-Zaher district.

He indicated that a warehouse and a factory for preparing explosive devices and belts had been found, containing 15 land mines, 9 individual explosive devices anf 151 assorted shells, all of which were intended to be used as explosive bombs. Furthermore, 15 bomb molds and a number of electrical circuits used in detonating explosives were found.

The seized explosives were likely intended to target citizens, members of the army, security forces and Popular Committees, and social figures resisting the aggression and its allies in the region.

The Interior Ministry spokesman praised the role of local citizens in uncovering the remaining hideouts of criminal groups, stressing that their cooperation with security men contributed to enhancing security and stability.