Yemeni forces liberate Rahbah district in Ma’rib

Yemeni forces liberate Rahbah district in Ma’rib

The Yemeni army has managed on Wednesday to completely take control over Rahbah district, south of Ma’rib province, according to tribal sources.

The sources affirmed that the forces of the Sana’a government launched an intense military attack towards Kula area, where they have been besieging the Bayhan axis of the Saudi-led coalition since August 17.

After fierce battles, which led to the death and wounding of dozens of militants, Yemeni forces managed to take control of the Security District building in al-Kula area, and secured the rest of the outskirts of Wadi and Al-Mushairif mountains.

Securing the entire district of Rahbah by the Yemeni army will lead to the cutting of the coalition forces’ supply routes linking the governorates of Ma’rib and Bayda, as well as mean Yemeni control of the most important strategic roads towards the center of the city of Ma’rib.

Meanwhile, Saudi-led coalition forces are still attempting to stop the military advance towards the city, by intensifying airstrikes on Yemeni positions in Rahbah.