At least three dead in new mercenary infighting in Aden

At least three dead in new mercenary infighting in Aden

Fierce clashes broke out at dawn Thursday between gunmen belonging to the UAE-backed Southern  Transitional Council (STC) in Yemen’s southern port city of Aden, local sources reported on Thursday

According to the sources, a dispute between two armed groups near a Saudi restaurant in Sheikh Othman district, north of Aden, developed into clashes that spread to the forestry market.

The clashes left three people dead and nine injured, including a girl, the sources explained.

The clashes came amid tension between the special security forces led by Suleiman al-Zamki and the protection forces of Aden Airport.

The sources stated that the commander of the so-called Special Forces Suleiman al-Zamki, tried to enter the gate of Aden Airport by force of arms, but the airport guard stopped him.

The sources pointed out that Al-Zamki then proceeded to hit the airport guard with his car, after which he was arrested by the airport guards.

According to the sources, elements affiliated with the Special Forces leader carried out a wide operation in the vicinity of the airport in response, all the way to the Al-Arish neighbourhood.