New UAE reinforcements arrive in Mocha

New UAE reinforcements arrive in Mocha

Adel al-Hassani, a former detainee in a UAE-run prison and leader in the so-called Southern Resistance, has revealed the arrival of new Emirati military reinforcements in the port of Mocha, west of Taiz province.

Al-Hassani said on Twitter that an Emirati ship landed with 150 armoured vehicles at the port of Mocha.

The shipment is part of reinforcements was handed over to Haitham Qassem, commander-in-chief of the Infantry Brigades on the West Coast, while another part was handed over to the commander of the 1st Brigade, Major General Raed al-Jabbhi.

Al-Hassani said the UAE is set to move five military brigades on the west coast, led by Haitham Qassem, to Hadhramaut, to be stationed in the Barshid camp belonging to the STC.

These military reinforcements are a part of arrangements made to enable the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias to try take control of Hadhramaut province in eastern Yemen, especially the oil directorates of Wadi Hadhramaut.