Palestinian prisoners riot against Zionist repression

Palestinian prisoners riot against Zionist repression

Several Palestinian media reported that Palestinian prisoners in the Negev have set their cells on fire on Wednesday, in response to punitive measures taken by the occupation authorities against them ever since six Palestinian prisoners escaped from the high-security Gilboa prison two days ago.

According to the Palestinian Prisoners Club, the detainees of Section 6 in the Negev Prison set fire to their rooms, in refusal to harassment and threats pursued by the prison administration.

Zionist military Radio reported the summoning of about 30 soldiers to Katsyut prison in the Negev to deal with the riots that had broken out inside it.

“The repression units are currently storming several sections of the Negev prison amid a state of extreme tension and reports of a fire in section 6 of the prison, in which prisoners from the Islamic Jihad and Fatah are located,” the prisoners’ committee said.

The escalation of the confrontation in prisons is linked to a Ziojost attack on the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Organisation, as the prison service tried to disperse the prisoners of the organisation and forcibly move them to other prisons.

Earlier in the day, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Information Office reported that “the repression units of the Zionist Prison Administration carried out, on Tuesday night, a fierce gas attack against prisoners of Section 3 in Gilboa prison”.