Yemeni ambassador to Iran: Battle for the liberation of Ma'rib will continue unless invaders accept our peace proposals

Yemeni ambassador to Iran: Battle for the liberation of Ma'rib will continue unless invaders accept our peace proposals

Yemen’s ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ibrahim al-Dailami, said that “the battle for the liberation of Ma’rib is now in its third phase, and it will continue unless the enemy parties respond to peaceful solutions and the initiative of the Leader of the Revolution.”

The ambassador stressed that the United States is responsible for the failure of the political solution, and that it is the ultimate decision maker in this, not Saudi Arabia or the UAE.

” In the third phase of our plan to liberate Ma’rib governorate, we will continue this process unless the other side succumbs to calls for peace and attempts to stop the war,” Ambassador Ibrahim al-Dailami said in an interview with Iran’s English-language Tehran Times newspaper, published three days ago.

“Actually, the initiative put forward by our leader Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi regarding the governorate of Ma’rib is a fair proposal for Ma’rib and for all the Yemeni people, because it includes a partnership in the power and wealth of the province,” he explained .

“There are also just humane demands for the Yemeni people, such as the necessity of providing electricity to Ma’rib, securing the roads and removing the camps and expelling the members of al-Qaeda and ISIS that are present in this Yemeni province. We call for the exit of foreign forces in their entirety from this province and from others,” he added.

LRegarding the Yemeni political discussion, al-Dailami stressed that the US is the one who obstructs the solution, because it has the decision to stop the war and is the “first and most prominent decision maker that sets out the agenda of the ceasefire and the political process.”

“There is also an Israeli presence, especially in Yemeni territorial waters and some strategic islands, whether on Hanish Island, Mayun Island or even on Socotra Island in the Arabian Sea. This presence is no longer hidden, and the aggressors feel no shame for the presence of these military forces on Yemeni lands. So, the first condition of the Yemeni government is the exit of foreign forces as a priority, whether these forces are American, British, Saudi, Emirati or Israeli,” Ambassador Ibrahim al-Dailami continued.

Regarding the UN dealings with Yemeni file, he said the faults of the delegates, representatives, or envoys in this international organisation are “due to the weakness of the institution itself.”

“I think that the new international envoy will not be different from Griffiths, because he is obliged to work based on the same bases that we talked about, which reflects the weakness of the United Nations,” he stated.