Illegal British occupation forces now building military constructions

Illegal British occupation forces now building military constructions

ritish occupation troops stationed in Mahrah province, eastern Yemen, have made new military constructions near the coast of the province.

This was reported by Yemen News Portal, based on the testimony of local sources.

According to the sources, British soldiers dug trenches at fishermen’s positions in al-Mussina’a area, as part of a plan to set up camps there.

The British forces forced the fishermen to leave the coast of Mussina’a and move to Qusayr, prevented them from approaching and warned them not to come close anymore.

Last week, local sources said that the invasion forces prevented fishermen from fishing on the coasts of Sayhut district and other scattered areas along the province’s coastline, further exacerbating their dire economic situation and food insecurity.

These steps come days after Saudi forces withdrew from military positions in the districts of al-Masilah and Sayhut, as part of a repositioning of Saudi forces. Informed sources reported that Saudi forces had developed new military positions on the coastal strip since the.

According to Al-Masirah news agency, British occupation forces are maintaining an espionage room in the al-Ghaydah airport in the province, in order to monitor Yemeni communications.

Al-Masirah quoted sources familiar with matter saying that the British espionage room is exercising its work to cover all regions of Yemen from a number of ships, via a sea cable off the city of al-Ghaydah.