Saudi Arabia considering purchase of Israeli missile systems

Saudi Arabia considering purchase of Israeli missile systems

Saudi Arabia has reached out to the Zionist entity about the possibility of procuring Israeli-made missile defence systems, at a time when the American systems the Kingdom has for so long relied upon have been removed, Breaking Defense Magazine reported.

According to the report, sources here have confirmed an AP report that American THAAD and Patriot batteries have been quietly removed from Prince Sultan Air Base, located outside of Riyadh.

Those assets had been moved into the Kingdom following a 2019 Yemeni strike on Saudi oil production facilities.

Although a withdrawal of air defence assets from the region had been expected for several months, it was unclear exactly when US assets would head elsewhere.

Now, Israeli sources say Saudi Arabia is seriously considering its alternatives, among them being China, Russia and “Israel”.

Specifically, the Saudis are reportedly considering either the Iron Dome, produced by Rafael or the Barak ER, produced by IAI.

Israeli defence sources told Breaking Defense that “such a deal would be realistic, as long as both nations received approval of Washington”. One source added that Saudi “interest in the Israeli systems has reached a very practical phase.”

Retired Zionist Brigadier General Giora Elland, former director of Israel’s National Security Council and former head of the Planning Department of the Israel Defence Forces told Breaking Defense that he expects “that Washington will not object to the sale of these Israeli systems to friendly Gulf countries.”