Yemeni forces liberate key strategic areas near Ma'rib

Yemeni forces liberate key strategic areas near Ma'rib

The Yemeni army forces have carried out a military operation against Saudi-led coalition forces in Bayda province, according to tribal sources.

After fierce battles, in which dozens of fighters were killed and wounded on both sides, the army forces managed to take control of the district of Maswarah and cleanse the rest of the outskirts of Al-Sawma’ah district in the province from enemy control.

The sources affirmed that Saudi-led al-Qaeda forces fled from the districts of Bayda and retreated towards the occupied city of Ma’rib.

The military success achieved by the army forces in taking control over the whole districts of Maswarah and Al-Sawma’ah has led to ownership of supply lines between Ma’rib, Bayda and Shabwah. In addition, the most important strategic main roads leading to the city of Ma’rib was also taken over.

Meanwhile, the Saudi-led coalition is trying to stop the advance of the Yemeni army forces towards the city of Ma’rib, by intensifying air raids towards the positions that the army has liberated.