Yemen condemns UN statement on execution of collaborators

Yemen condemns UN statement on execution of collaborators

The Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday strongly condemned the statement of the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, regarding the implementation of retribution against nine people convicted of the assassination of the President Saleh Al-Sammad and his companions.

In its statement, the ministry considered Guterres’ statement a blatant interference in the country internal affairs and the Yemeni judiciary affairs and a shameful bias towards the Saudi-led coalition countries and war criminals.

“Guterres should have condemned the war crimes and extrajudicial killings that the coalition countries and their mercenaries commit on a daily basis in Yemen,” the statement said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that judicial rulings were issued against criminals convicted by the Yemeni judiciary for their participation in the crime of assassinating the country’s president, and they received a fair trial more than three years after committing the crime they confessed to committing.

The ministry pointed out that the convicts were enabled to seek help of lawyers to defend and plead for them, and therefore it was a fair trial that fulfilled all the necessary procedures in accordance with Yemeni and international law.

The Yemeni Foreign Ministry called on the UN Secretary-General to reconsider his positions regarding what is happening in Yemen and to stand at the same distance from the various parties