Mass panic and routing grips Saudi-led forces in Ma'rib

Mass panic and routing grips Saudi-led forces in Ma'rib

An unprecedented state of chaos and unrest has taken hold of pro-Saudi collaborators in Ma’rib city, in conjunction with the approach of the Yemeni forces towards the city, local sources said on Thursday.

Saudi-led coalition forces have withdrawn many units if military equipment and weapons from some of their camps in the 4th and 7th military regions in the city.

The sources confirmed that the process of withdrawing weapons from the al-Juba front and the city of Ma’rib came as a result of the approach of the Yemeni army and Popular Committees to the eastern entrance of the province.

Local tribesmen have been able to loot large amounts of military equipment belonging to the coalition forces, including military vehicles, cannons and machine guns, after setting up ambushes for the coalition recruits on the outskirts of al-Juba, al-Abdiya, and Harib fronts.

The sources said that the tribesmen also looted weapons storage sites after the withdrawal of the coalition forces from these areas.

Residents of Ma’rib city reported witnessing military convoys arriving in the city coming from Harib, al-Abdiya, and al-Juba frontline, only to leave the city towards Hadhramaut province.

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