German parliament representative pushes for immediate end to blockade of Sana'a Airport

German parliament representative pushes for immediate end to blockade of Sana'a Airport

German parliamentarian Zacklin Nastik has denounced the continued blockade on Sana’a International Airport, which had been going on for more than five years. This came in a protest organised by the local Yemeni community in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein on Saturday, demanding the reopening of Sana’a International Airport and denouncing the murder of Yemeni-American civilian Abdul-Malik al-Sanabani, under the slogan “Sana’a Airport is a safe airport for all Yemenis.”

Nastik denounced the killing of Abdul-Malik al-Sanabani upon his return to his homeland via Aden Airport, and said, “Had it not been for the closure of Sana’a airport, this would not have happened.” She referred to the hideous methods carried out by those who call themselves the “legitimate government” and said: “They would protect their citizens if they were truly legitimate, according to international recognition, not kill al-Sanabani and loot his money.”

The parliament member demanded the immediate opening of Sana’a International Airport to civilian flights, under the supervision of the United Nations.

“Don’t you know that an average of three containers full of weapons are exported every week from the port of Hamburg to the Gulf countries?Certainly they are weapons of death, and we have reports from the arms factories about that” Nastik said.

“Instead of exporting arms, you can support the health system in Yemen, or education, or even achieve equitable security under the supervision of the UN. The value of these arms exports can be used as the value of medicines for the Yemeni people, especially since the UN reports that one Yemeni person dies every ten minutes as a result of the deteriorating situation. I have read these reports myself” Nastik added.

The deputy in the German Parliament confirmed that Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi’s legitimacy as president of Yemen has expired, especially “since his people are being killed, and we do not see any media appearance by him denouncing this or appealing to defend his people, so he is not a president and is not fit for this position at all.”