Yemeni students in India protest against Hadi government

Yemeni students in India protest against Hadi government

Yemeni students residing in India have on Sunday staged protest denouncing the Hadi government’s failure to pay their financial dues, which have been suspended for more than a year.

In a statement issued by the vigils in several cities in India, Yemeni students threatened to escalate through organising two-week vigils and to hold open a sit-in in front of the Cultural Mission and the Yemeni (Hadi government) Embassy in Delhi until their demands were met.

They accused Hadi’s financial attaché, Bagel al-Shammiri of injustice and corruption, after he dropped 30 students from the list of those having the right to annual tuition fees.

The students said that al-Shammiri had become “a source of concern threatens our future,” noting that dozens of scholarships were threatened with dismissal from Indian universities as a result of non-payment of tuition fees by Hadi’s Ministry of Higher Education.

They demanded the dismissal of al-Shammiri and the urgent payment of all fees to all those whose names had been unjustly dropped.

Yemeni students studying in Jordan, Egypt, India, Russia and other countries have been suffering due to Hadi’s deliberate disregard and the non-payment of their dues, which has negatively affected their level of education. Often, their scholarships and finances are traded and sold to the children of wealthy businessmen and officials.

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