Yemeni forces score new victories south of Ma'rib

Yemeni forces score new victories south of Ma'rib

The Yemeni army forces and Popular Committees have on Friday achieved new victories against Saudi-led coalition forces in al-Jubah district, south of Ma’rib province.

Field sources reported that the army forces and the Popular Committees managed to take control of the Umm al-Rish camp and large parts of al-Khashina camp in the district south of Ma’rib, after fierce battles with the coalition forces.

Sana’a forces continue their battles against the forces of the Saudi-led Hadi puppet government and militants of both the Islah Party and al-Qaeda, which are backed by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes.

The Yemeni forces are rapidly advancing towards al-Jadida area, the center of al-Jubah district, south of the strategic city of Ma’rib, which is the last stronghold of Hadi and the coalition forces in northeastern Yemen.

In its attempts to halt the Yemeni advance, the coalition has launched 62 raids during the past 48 hours, most of them focused on the al-Jubah district, while several other raids targeted al-Abdiya district for the eighth consecutive day in a failed attempt to break a Yemeni siege of Saudi-led troops there.

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