Mass protests rage against Zionist Foreign Minister visit to Bahrain

Mass protests rage against Zionist Foreign Minister visit to Bahrain

The Gulf state of Bahrain has witnessed extensive protests against the Zionist Foreign Minister’s visit to Manama to inaugurate the “Israeli” embassy there.

Bahraini police suppressed some of these protests by using tear gas, but no reports of arrests among the protesters have been published.

The demonstrators marched, waving Palestinian and Bahraini flags and chanting “Death to Israel” and “No to the Israeli Embassy in Bahrain.”

In the same context, Bahraini religious scholars have strongly denounced the visit by Zionist Foreign Minister.

“We denounce the presence of the foreign minister of the Zionist enemy in Bahrain, and renew our rejection of all forms of normalisation with the usurping regime, including the opening of an embassy and a trade office in Manama,” several scholars said in a joint statement published on Friday.

“We also reiterate our firm support for the Palestinian nation and every part of the blessed Palestinian lands, which has been drenched in the blood of martyrs through years of resistance and steadfastness. The murderous invaders are spilling the blood of Palestinians in al-Quds and Jenin right now.”

Minister Yair Lapid arrived at Manama airport on Thursday, being the highest-ranking Zionist official to visit the Persian Gulf country since “Israel” and Bahrain forged formal relations last year.