At least eight dead as infighting worsens in occupied city of Aden

At least eight dead as infighting worsens in occupied city of Aden

The death toll in the infighting between factions loyal to the UAE-backed  Southern Transitional Council (STC) militias in the Yemen’s southern port city of Aden, has risen to eight, with 60 others wounded, including civilians and media persons.

This was reported by Yemen News Portal , based on local sources.

Sources said that the clashes between Imam al-Nawbi forces and a security unit composed of anti-terrorism forces, the Security Belt militia and the so-called Storm Brigade took place in the district of Crater .

The sources confirmed the death of journalist Khaled Askar due to  injuries he sustained, while his colleague Howed al-Kaldi was wounded.

The sources added that several civilian houses were burned, in addition to a suspension of freedom of movement across the city.

Video footage and photos circulated on social media platforms revealed the extent of the tension and the intensity of the battles taking place in Crater district.

The footage showed the arrival of military reinforcements to the city of Crater while the fight between the STC militias and the forces of the so-called Imam al-Nawbi was going on.

The STC , backed by the UAE, recently declared the Crater district a war zone, calling on the residents of the district to remain in their homes.

Crater has been witnessing power outages and water shortage due to damage to power cables and water supply during the confrontations, as well as a worsening shortage of bread and massive price hikes.