Yemeni governor: STC separatists betrayed and besieged by Saudi-Emirati forces

Yemeni governor: STC separatists betrayed and besieged by Saudi-Emirati forces

Governor of Dhamar province and Ansarullah leading member, Muhammad al-Bukhaiti has said that the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) militia is almost entirely besieged by the Saudi-led coalition countries in the occupied southern Yemeni city of Aden.

Al-Bukhaiti said in a series of tweets on Twitter, “The STC has become almost besieged because of the countries of coalition, after being placed at the mercy of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Tariq Afash group.”

“There are no salaries, services, and weapons going to the STC without approval of the Islah Party and Tariq Afash.”

Tariq Afash, nephew of former Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh, is a mercenary leader and warlord who has received significant support from both Saudi Arabia and the UAE over the past years as one of the rising figures in the collaboration forces.

Al-Bukhaiti, addressing the leaders of the STC, said, “The STC must realise that loyalty does not exist in the dictionaries of greedy countries, and that the only correct loyalty is to the homeland.”

“As long as the ambitions of the aggression countries are concentrated in the south of Yemen, they will not allow the STC to build an independent state, and Saudi Arabia’s deprivation of wealth from the areas under its control have revealed its expansionist ambitions.”

Muhammad al-Bukhaiti furthermore warned the STC forces that their Emirati benefactors may soon betray them, stating that “The generous Emirati support for Tariq Afash confirms that he is the future option and most acceptable alternative in the eyes of Saudi Arabia and Israel.”

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