New Zionist aggression kills Syrian soldier

New Zionist aggression kills Syrian soldier

At least one Syrian solider was killed  and three others wounded in an aggression launched by the Zionist occupation regime against Palmyra region in the central Syrian province of Homs.

“A soldier of the Syrian Arab Army was martyred and three others were wounded as a result of an ‘Israeli’ air raid on the Palmyra area in the eastern countryside of Homs,”  Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) reported.

The attack took place from the direction of the occupied al-Tanf area, which the United States has been trying to keep under control.

According to SANA, the exact target was specified as “a communications tower and some of its surrounding areas.”

On Friday, Syria’s air defences thwarted an earlier Zionist missile attack on a military airbase known as T-4 in Homs, shooting down most of the incoming missiles.