President Mahdi al-Mashat: Battle to liberate Yemen will continue, whatever the cost

President Mahdi al-Mashat: Battle to liberate Yemen will continue, whatever the cost

President of Yemen Mahdi al-Mashat has stressed that “the battle to liberate Yemen from occupation will continue, whatever the cost, until the full and undiminished sovereignty of the entire national territory is restored.”

In his speech on Wednesday evening on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the October 14 Revolution, President Mahdi al-Mashat confirmed Yemen’s “readiness for a comprehensive and lasting peace through entering into mutual guarantees and commitments to address concerns and promote the legitimate interests of all parties.”

He called on the opponents to take a “faithful and practical initiative to end the aggression, siege and occupation, address the effects and repercussions of this unjust war, and respect the sovereignty and independence of Yemen.”

President al-Mashat strongly warned of the danger of continuing the aggression and siege on Yemen, and of the consequences of ignoring these sincere calls for peace.

Meanwhile, he revealed that “several brotherly and friendly countries” have already decided to open up to Sana’a.

He emphasised the “importance of opening up to Sana’a, getting acquainted directly with its positions and visions and with its high readiness for cooperation and integration with all roles and efforts in support of peace and security, whether at the level of Yemen or at the level of the region.”

President Mahdi al-Mashat saluted all the brotherly and friendly countries that recently decided to open up to Sana’a, and chose “not be influenced by the misleading and hostile rhetoric of America, Britain and France.”

October 14 is a national holiday in Yemen, and is one of the country’s two official Revolution Days. The occasion commemorates the 1963 South Yemeni Revolution against British colonial rule.