Yemeni community in New York holds large-scale Mawlid celebrations

Yemeni community in New York holds large-scale Mawlid celebrations

The Yemeni community in New York has celebrated the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

At the event, members of the Yemeni community attended the Mawlid celebration under the slogan “Labbayk Ya Rasulullah” (I will continue obeying you, oh Messenger of God).





The event comes in conjunction with mass rallies held across Yemen on Monday, in which millions of Yemeni people celebrated Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif, the birthday of Prophet Muhammad.

During the celebrations, Mohammed al-Zubaidi, a member of the preparatory committee, confirmed that “the Yemeni people prove every year that the celebration of prophet’s birthday is a part of the heritage of the supporters of Islam.”

“The mass celebration also proves that the people of Yemen still have the most wonderful meanings of values, loyalty and sincerity of belonging to the Prophet,” he added.

He stressed the importance of reading the biography of the Prophet, “which is a good example that inspires the Yemeni people to reject discrimination and hostility, and to avoid differences and unite ranks against the enemies of the nation and the country, as well as to spread peace and love among our society.”

Prayers, songs and poems praising the Prophet were recited, and Yemeni folklore dances were performed with the music of Yemeni singer Issa al-Laith.