Yemeni community in Syria holds celebrations for birthday of Prophet Muhammad

Yemeni community in Syria holds celebrations for birthday of Prophet Muhammad

The Yemeni community in Syria has on Tuesday organised a celebration to commemorate the birthday of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him).

At the event, which was attended by Abdullah Sabri, the Yemeni ambassador to Syria, and a number of religious andnsocial figures and representatives of various Palestinian factions, Head of the Community Council Mohammed Naji al-Awlaki said that “the biography of the Prophet Muhammad and his family represents a role model and a great beacon of light for the whole nation in facing challenges and dangers that threatening its unity and issues.”


He said that “the celebration is a pride and honour to the Yemeni people, so the Yemenis were keen to celebrate this religious occasion in a remarkable and honourable way, despite the circumstances of aggression and siege.”

Al-Awlaki confirmed that the celebration also “embodies the Yemeni faith identity and close association with the Prophet, despite attempts by the enemies to keep Muslims away from the authentic Muhammadic approach.”

For his part, preacher and imam of the Abbas Mosque in Damascus, Sheikh Yusuf al-Masri, congratulated the Syrian and Yemeni peoples as well as the Arab and Islamic nation on the occasion of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday.

He said “celebrating this great religious occasion also proves the status and love that the people of Yemen still have for the Prophet.”

He added, “Faith is from Yemen, and wisdom is Yemeni. The people of Yemen are soft-hearted and well-mannered.”

“Yemenis raise the banner of love, joy and loyalty in the celebration of the birthday of the Prophet, because of their strong relationship with him,” he said.

Prayers, songs and poems praising the Prophet were recited, and various Damascus heritage and folklore dances were performed.