Drone attack targets illegal US military base in Syria

Drone attack targets illegal US military base in Syria

Unidentified drones have carried out an offensive against an illegal US occupation military base in Syria.

The targeting was reported across various media outlets in late Wednesday, with al-Mayadeen sources noting that aside from the drones, the base was targeted by rocket launchers.

The same sources reported that the bombing targeted the residences of US occupation soldiers and their military barracks, and led to fire and destruction in the base.

The reports specified the target as the outpost located in the strategic al-Tanf area in southeastern Syria.

The United States has been trying to exercise control over the area, which hosts an intersection of the Syrian, Iraqi, and Jordanian borders. The US military base in Syria is in direct violation to international law, and has received fierce criticism from the Syrian government.

Sky News Arabia cited “an American official” as describing the incident as a likely “rocket attack.”

“Preliminary evaluations have shown that Iraqi groups conducted the airstrikes,” the official said.

The United States led an illegal invasion of Syria in 2014, as part of a wider plot to destroy the Syrian Arab Republic. The US-led coalition claimed to be in Syria to fight the takfiri terrorist group Daesh (ISIS), but still remains in the country although Damascus and its allies defeated the terrorist group as far back as late 2017.

Source :Al-Ahed News