Yemeni ambassador to Iran: Plots against Yemen of the past seven years have failed

Yemeni ambassador to Iran: Plots against Yemen of the past seven years have failed

Yemeni Ambassador to Iran, Ibrahim al-Dailami, confirmed that the million-man march during the celebration of the birthday of the Prophet’s birthday proves to the world that “the seven-year plots were foiled, and reflected in favour of the Yemeni people.”

In a statement to Al-Masirah News on Saturday, he said “we were  not surprised by the international anger at the big scene in Sana’a. It is natural that the aggression will alienate its tools, whether in the Security Council or elsewhere after realising their failure.”

Ambassador al-Dailami questioned the reasons for the lack of US concern over Ma’rib or the whole of Yemen at the stage when the aggression used to take civilian lives and attract al-Qaeda and ISIS.

“The US concern expresses natural fears after its international reputation has declined and after it was unable to stop the successes of the army and committees in their historic battle,” he explained.

He continued, “When we see events ravaging the rest of the region as a result of the US interventions, we realize the importance of what has been achieved in Yemen, after we cut off of the hand of the hegemony and achieved independence”.

He added that “pro-aggression parties seemed not keen on a political solution, and everyone is now asserting that those parties have failed by all accounts. It has been noticed during the last phase that Biden, his Secretary of State and his Special Envoy are now directly involved in the Yemeni file, not the Saudis.”

The ambassador further confirmed that continued Yemeni achievements on the ground would push the Americans to stop the war.

Al-Dailami concluded by saying, “What is being proposed by Yemen in the context of the quest for a solution, was a legitimate right.”