Saudi forces deploy terrorist organisations in Ma'rib

Saudi forces deploy terrorist organisations in Ma'rib

The US-Saudi aggression has brought dozens of terrorists into the fight in the Ma’rib front, informed local sources have confirmed.

Groups of terrorist elements have reportedly spread across a number of neighbourhoods of the city of Ma’rib, in addition to the presence of other groups near the Bin Maili station, east of the city.

According to the sources, the coalition has brought in terrorist elements from Wadi Hadramaut districts in order to fight alongside its mercenaries on the Ma’rib front.

Hundreds of l terrorists had earlier withdrawn from Bayda province, after the major Yemeni victory of Operation Fajr al-Horiah.

This comes after the Army and the Popular Committees, with the support of revolutionary tribesmen in Ma’rib, took control of Abdiya and Juba during the past few days, causing the adherents of terrorist organisations to seek shelter behind the Saudi lines.