Zionists carry out another attack on Syrian soil

Zionists carry out another attack on Syrian soil

Zionist forces carried out at dawn on Monday a new aggression against the Syrian Arab Republic, targeting the country’s southern region, official Syrian media quoted a Foreign Ministry source as saying.

The source stated that “this brutal aggression comes after the completion of reconciliations in Daraa governorate and the return of security and safety to it and the extension of state authority,” considering the attack “a desperate attempt by the Israeli occupation entity to support its tools in the defeated terrorist groups.”

The source added that “Syria affirms its right and ability to respond to these attacks.”

Earlier in the day, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights stated that an Israeli plane targeted two military centers of the Syrian army and its allies on the outskirts of al-Baath city and the village of al-Krum in Quneitra governorate.

The attack led to material losses, without immediate information on the toll in human livea. The Zionist authorities have not commented on this report.